HIRE TERMS & Conditions – ‘What you need to know’

Hire rates start at $55 + Postage for a basic headpiece with a Security Deposit. (Security Deposit amount will vary depending on the item).


Conditions of Hire & Security

Before you take your headpiece we will complete and give you a tax invoice covering the hire. For us to do this you

will need to:

1. Provide suitable identification to verify that the address you give us is your current address.

(Suitable identification includes an Australian drivers licence, utility/rates bill or business card/business name and phone number.)

2. Provide a valid email address.

3. Sign our tax invoice to acknowledge that you accept our conditions of hire:

  • Hire period is 3 days (unless an agreed timeframe has been discussed)
  • Headpieces that are returned late will incur an additional charge of $15 per day.
  • The Client will be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to items whilst on loan. 
  • Items borrowed should be packed sufficiently well on return journeys to ensure the products are returned in the same condition as borrowed.
  • If you are mailing them back, Items need to be sent via Express Post so that they are not lost. (Please send tracking number to Helena Rose once items are sent back)
  • The hire fee includes normal cleaning of all hire items.
  • Some or all of the deposit may be retained by us if the Headpiece is returned late, requires excessive
  • Cleaning or repair work.
  • Any repairable damage must be paid for by the client. Damages must be Recorded and reported immediately.
  • The client will not be charged for damage that is considered wear and tear.
  • The deposit does not cover non-return, damage to or loss of the headpiece.
  • If a product is damaged beyond repair the item will be deemed unsuitable for sale and will be charged at the full retail price less 30%.
  • Additional costs are payable in cash or via credit card.
  • We accept payment in Cash and Visa or MasterCard.
  • With prior arrangement payment can also be made via direct debit.


4. Provide a refundable security deposit. Amount will be specified on invoice.

  • The deposit is payable in cash (if a pick up). If ordered online payment options include Visa and MasterCard or Direct debit.  
  • The deposit is refunded when the headpiece is returned provided it is returned on time and in good condition.
  • An email will be sent notifying the client that the Deposit has been refunded.


Advance Bookings

  • You are welcome to make an appointment to visit Helena Rose at our Studio Prior to your event, to try-on and book Headpieces.
  • A deposit of $75.00 is required for appointments and to book pieces for collection at a later date. (This deposit is non-refundable but is deducted from the hire fee payable at the time the piece is collected.)
  • If your event is postponed or cancelled the booking deposit can be applied to other bookings made within 6 month of the original hire date.


Damage to our Headpieces

What do I do if I notice there’s a problem with my hired headpiece before I’ve worn it?

We thrive to keep our Headpieces in the best condition possible but if you notice any substantive faults with the piece after you have collected it please let us know as soon as possible.


What will happen if I return the headpiece damaged or if I lose all or part of it?

While normal cleaning is included in the hire fee we will charge an additional cleaning/repair fee if the piece is excessively soiled, damaged or needs to be repaired when it comes back to us. We will discuss this fee with you when the headpiece is returned; most damage can be repaired within the value of the security deposit provided.

Face paints, fake blood, tanning lotion and such compounds are likely to leave permanent stains on headpieces. Makeup is removable in most instances and won’t cause Permanent stains.

If a headpiece is returned stained by face paint or other products:

We will charge, a cleaning fee from the security deposit if we cannot clean the headpiece properly. 

You will be charged the replacement cost to us of any Hired Headpiece that is not returned.


Our Refund Policy – Hire Items

1. Please choose carefully.

2. We do not give a refund once a hire item has left the shop.

3. We will refund or exchange a sale item where it is:

a. Faulty;

b. Wrongly described;

c. Different from a sample shown to you; or

d. Doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.