As we know how precious your Helena Rose piece is, below are some tips on how to look after it.




Keep the product stored in its original packaging to preserve it.

Keeping your Helena Rose purchases wrapped in tissue paper and stored away in a box will keep them clean and brand new. If you did not purchase or recieve a hat box with your headpiece, simply store it in an empty shoe box filled with tissue paper.







Avoid exposure to rain or water.

As these headpieces are handmade it is recommended to store them in a dry cool place and avoid getting them wet.








Do not dry clean, do not iron, do not wash, do not tumble dry.

If you really need to remove any dirt or makeup using a makeup wipe gently wipe the area however do not immerse the piece in water or place in washing machine.

If you feel the veiling or tulle is creased, lay a tea towel over the area to be ironed and apply iron on top of the tea towel, never directly on the veiling. Ensure to use the iron on a low heat setting to avoid burning or damaging the headpiece.