Custom Bridal Piece - Sydney Bride Seda - April, 2015

   Custom Bridal Piece - Sydney Bride Seda - April, 2015

Bespoke Headpieces, Fascinators and Hats

"You set the budget and style requirements - or you can surrender full creative freedom to Helena Rose." 

Customers can discuss colours, materials and design options regarding their special headpiece with Helena Rose in person or online. (See Consultation details below)

This service ensures a customer walks away with their very own customised piece making their Helena Rose experience one to remember. When ordering a Custom piece a non-refundable $75 Deposit is required to commence the design process. This fee covers an optional consultation as well as any designing and material research costs. If a client decides to go with a custom piece the $75 deposit will be deducted from the final agreed price. Helena Rose will then send the remaining balance via an invoice payable within 30 days.  


Hire option  

This a great option if a customer wants a custom piece at a budget price. The same principles as a Custom Made service apply for the Design process however a client would only need to pay for the hire fee opposed to purchasing the piece. 



Helena Rose offers 30 minute consultations at our studio for individuals or groups to see our collections and discuss their special headpiece, making the experience with Helena Rose one to remember.

A $75 deposit (non-refundable) is required prior to this consultation. This deposit will cover the consultation, designing and material research costs. Cancellations less than 24 hours will forfeit this $75 deposit. If a client decides to go with a custom piece the $75 deposit will be deducted from the final agreed price.



Before Helena Rose can provide you with an accurate quote please fill in the form below. Please send any reference images via email.

Bespoke pieces start at $150 dollars. 



Name *
Address (for postage)
Address (for postage)
Suburb and Postcode Required.
Bride, Bridesmaid, Flowergirl ect.
Date (When do you need the piece by)
Date (When do you need the piece by)
(This will depend on how you may be doing your hair)
(We do our best to meet our clients budget working with materials of all price points. Since all our pieces are hand made we have the flexibility to vary the materials and techniques to create a piece with a few price options)
This includes crystals, comb or headband base colour, sequins ect.
We are located in Silverwater, NSW.