Helena Rose Headwear

“Attention to detail and a fondness for artistic form, ensures that each piece created by Helena Rose is unique”

Headwear Designer & Stylist gracing the pages of many international magazines such as Jute Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, Surreal Beauty Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Obscurae Magazine and Pump Magazine to name a few.  Helena Rose specialises in Bespoke Headwear, Styling and Creative Workshops.

All Helena Rose pieces are designed and handmade in our Newstead studio in Brisbane, Australia.

A strong attention to detail and a passion for artistic form ensures that each Hair-loom created by Helena Rose is personalised and unique for each client.

“I've always been creative and for me, designing headwear is not just about an accessory, it's a special feature piece to an outfit.  It is a story about your special day and your dream; whether it is for your magical wedding day or to a glamorous race day statement piece, making sure you receive a unique result, makes me happy.  I see my designs as a work of art and like collectors of fine art each handmade Hair-loom tells a story of its own and will be admired and shared for generations to come!”  

“The name of my label, Helena Rose was inspired by my sister Rose. Rose has a disability and cannot speak, yet this has never stopped her from expressing herself in her own way to ensure she has our attention. Wearing a Helena Rose piece allows my clients to express themselves and show off their unique style and personality.

Helena Rose has travelled to over 20 different cities around the world gathering inspiration for new collections and  building teams of young entrepreneurs and artists to collaborate on fun and innovative fashion editorials. The purpose of these projects was to help local talent in each country to network with one another and learn how to create an editorial to showcase their work.