I believe in Golden Dreams - New York New York

Waking up to the noisy streets in Jersey I had one goal today. To spray a green hat gold. While cooking breakfast I was so excited, I had already visualised what I believed the felt hat needed to look like. My own personal touch. With no studio space I was determined, I planned to lay some garbage bags outside over the snow, spray the hat and leaves, leave to dry, flip them over and spray the other side, simple right? WRONG!

It was so windy! The design I had in mind just would not work without the leaves. There was no way I could secure them. As a designer you learn to improvise but at that moment I was ready to scrap the whole idea, not just the leaves. On the verge of giving up, I reminded myself why I was standing there, outside my airbnb in the cold, freezing my butt off. Because I BELIEVE. I believe in creating, I believe in inspiring, I believe in achieving my goals. Most of all I believe in myself.

Every since I was a little girl I dreamed of visiting New York. I have always had a curious nature when it came to design and creating just came naturally. With a strong desire to one day share my passion with the world, here I am, after 14 months of travel, In New Jersey, (only a bus ride away from New York) creating and inspiring once again. So you see this hat is no longer just a green hat that I turned gold but it is the beginning of something much greater. It is the beginning of my Golden Dream.

Tiny goals, lead to big dreams.

What was your goal today? Big or small did you achieve it?