I am Grateful!

#helenarosetravels | New York City - FRIDAY THE 13TH

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. However I feel today was one of the best and luckiest days ever for me.  

Here are 13 things I am grateful for from today.

1. Woke up to find out my documentary is ready! ( Cannot wait to share it with you all!) 

2. It was so sunny and beautiful in NYC.(perfect day for exploring)

3. I got to wear my new my pretty dress.

4. I had a lunch date with an amazing girl Wilma Garci from this travel group!! Who reached out to my message a few weeks back.

5. As Wilma works for Loreal I had the opportunity to visit Loreal USA, (with a super cool visitor pass) and have lunch with Wilma in the cafe there with amazing views of NYC!!!!(33RD FLOOR)

6. The opportunity to shop for makeup with staff discount, thanks to Wilma also! Woooo 

7.Grabbing the last urban decay pallete ! (This is important, a girl needs her makeup)

8. My bf Josh. For always being there for me and making this travel lifestyle possible!. He met me at the city and we had a great spontaneous day, exploring and trying new foods together. 

9. My beautiful friends Tinka Weener and Menno Yap surprised Josh Dzarir and I and are in New York !!! (Cannot wait to see them tomorrow)

10. I Survived two days without gluten so far and still manged to eat what I want. 

11.I got to try my very first gluten free ramen andddd icecream cone! 

12. I got to share my story and inspire another person. As well as here their story and be inspired.

13. TRAVEL. Because without it, most of the above would not have happened today. Travel allows me to share my story with others, inspire and be inspired by so many amazing people that I have met along the way! 

#tgif Best day ever. Better yet, best Friday Ever. I LOVE NEW YORK CITY.

How was yours? What are 13 things you are grateful for?