Embracing Change....


For the past 15 months I have been travelling around Europe, the UK and America. Building teams and collaborating with artists to find myself, my signature and what I want to tell the world. 

I have always known I wanted to be part of the fashion world, as a designer or stylist. What I did not know is what made me different from the thousands of other artists with the same dream.

After my travels I came back home to Sydney to find myself starting all over again. I had no real home, no job, no clients, no headpiece collections and the biggest change was my decision to leave my partner of 5 years.

Although everything that was happening to me was because of my choices I still could not help but feel defeated and lost in my own hometown! I had lost all confidence in myself on a personal level as well as in my work. I had lost confidence in finding new clients and being my creative self. I just did not know where I belong.

I attended the MD College of Australia Launch with a close friend Celle from Glam it up by Celle back in February to help me network again. We heard from many inspiring speakers from the beauty industry and I immediately felt at home again. Sometimes you need to surround yourself with people who have the same passions as you. I soon realised to me this makes any place I am in my home. Although I was not an aspiring makeup artist like the rest of the crowd, I was still touched and inspired by every single one of them. Why? Because as an artist or creative soul we all have one thing in common, the desire and passion to excel in our chosen form or art! 

Thanks to the organizer Martha Mok for her inspiring speech! Learning about the three C’s Choice, Chance and Change has really helped me to EMRACE all the change in my life that I was facing and take action.

I remembered hearing about this course called MASTERED from a nail technician Kristine who I collaborated with during a project in London! Kristine had told me how it was the best decision she had ever made and it brought her plenty of opportunities. 

I decided to I take the first step CHOICE and researched about the Styling course.

With no job an only some savings and the money from the car I sold I took the CHANCE. Mastered started in 19 days! I applied and hoped to be accepted.

AND I WAS!!!!! Just over a week into the course now and I am loving it.

There is definitely a lot of CHANGE in my life at the moment but I am ready to face it and learn as much as I can to get my confidence back!!! “Do what you love and the money will follow”

Joining Mastered is a BIG life changing decision personally and for my career. I am so excited to learn from everyone!!

The best work is work created as a team. We are all in this together so let us continue to create, share and Inspire.

.   .   .

How have you embraced change?

What choices did you make to overcome this change?

Are you willing to take the chance? If not, what are you afraid of?




Image 1 – “Christmas Magic”

Photographer - @Sam_Goodridge

Stylist/Designer/Set Design - @helenarose_travellingstylist

Hair & Makeup Artist - @gabriellafloydmakeup

Model - @phowoods


Image 2 – “Romance is Dead”

Photographer - @irin4encetu

Stylist/Designer - @helenarose.travellingstylist

Model - @lora.kehayova

Makeup Artist - @__s.e.v.___


Image 3 – “Kamala”

Photographer - @talabergeza

Designer - @kamala_kaftan

Hair and Makeup - @nancyrado



Lili Kisteleki


Zsuzsi Erdos (@kamala_kaftan)


Image 4 – “ILLUSIONS”

Photographer - @mocaneko

Stylign/Design - @helenarose_travellingstylist

Model - @bolemene

Makeup Artist - @mackenzie_mua


Image 5 – “Paper and Smoke”

Photographer - @mateuszsandomierski

Stylist/Designer - @helenarose_travellingstylist

Model - @olgaszelc

Makeup Artist - @magdarusnarczyk

Makeup Supplier - @skinandbonesbeauty


Image 6 – “Fairytale”

Photographer - @essyadelyde

Stylist - @helenarose_travellingstylist

Designer - @audrey.ashley.couture

Model - @liruotongmia

Makeup - @dianavmakeup

Makeup Supplier - @skinandbonesbeauty

Hair - @toshinarikokubun


Image 7 – “The Capitol”

Photographer - @atlos.photo

Stylist/Designer - @helenarose_travellingstylist

Model - @e_a_potter