Bláa Lónið

Bláa Lónið immerses in the experience of the otherworldly wonder in the heart of a volcanic landscape, Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Inspired by the beauty of the lagoon, from the lakes filled with milky blue waters and soft white silica mud beds to the black lava fields and grey moss that surround it. A degree of flexibility has been incorporated into the design of this luminous collection to enable the pieces to adapt to the wearers head. You will find, crystals and beading in unusual and unique silhouettes. As a result, the items merge seamlessly with the hair and crowns and highlight natural features. This collection evokes an air of magic and wonder.

"I wanted to incorporate elements like the lava, the moss, the water to be omnipresent, underpinning the architecture of the collection that is woven in with the natural elements like Swarovski crystals and pearls," The material palette used throughout the collection was chosen to complement the hues and textures of the landscape, with concrete ties to the contrast of the black lava and blue waters from the area of Grindavík. Drawing on her experiences and incorporating it into the collection was an important aspect of the collection. One of the most remarkable and fascinating things she experienced in her month there was the rapid change and contrast of the weather. In the collection, you will find hues of navy blue, light blue, silver, black, dusty clears, crisp whites with iridescent colorations infused together to create the perfect vision of dark and light and fire and ice. Iceland is known as a country of extreme geological contrasts notorious as the land of fire and ice and the land of light and darkness! As described by Helena, in a day she would see a few hours of sunlight, next second snow would be falling graciously, and then out of nowhere, she would find herself stuck driving through a blizzard.

In this collection, a consistent display of delicate beading, cool-toned dark and light hues, wrapped and woven with a range of Swarovski crystals, pearls, sheer, netted and woven fabrications and intricately constructed into unique structures contrasted with raw-edged fabrics which as a whole encapsulates the essence of Iceland's Blue Lagoon.