Isola Bella

Welcome to Isola Bella!

Spring Styles from the North of Italy!

Like many creatives this year I have taken time out to revisit my craft and design from the heart. In the past, I have drawn inspiration for my collections from places I have visited during my travels. Isola Bella was next on my list however, with travel on hold this year due to covid, I took a virtual trip to the island of Isola Bella for the birth of my third headwear collection. 

Inspired by its Italian-style baroque garden, this botanical heritage is world-famous for sprawling terraced gardens with lush flora, sailing through the intense blue of Lake Maggiore, with white peacocks that roam freely symbolising a place redolent of the eternal beauty of a Paradise on earth, or rather on water.

This time last year I strutting my Issey Miyake on the spring racing runway perfectly paired with my Occhio di Pavone hat. Looking back at this version of myself I remember how put together I was and felt impassioned to share this feeling with my clientele.

With Spring racing at a socially distanced pace, I still look forward to returning to work for Melbourne cup parties and elevated style on the come back when we’re ready to ditch the trackies… I know I am!

My latest collection is by far my best and most considered yet! Inspired by far-flung destination the island of Isola Bella.  A celebration of femininity in its purest form, projecting a graceful exterior whilst reflecting the strongest spirit within.

Perfectly versatile headbands in golden earthy tones to the natural world and classical Italian elements often fuel my inspiration.